Tamara L. Alvarez


Masters in Science and Nursing (December, 2004). California State University Dominguez Hills, Carson            , California
Bachelors in Science and Nursing (May, 2002) California State University Dominguez Hills, Carson
            Associate Degree in Nursing (December, 1990). Cypress College, Cypress California.

Association of California Nurse Leaders           
American Association of Critical Care Nurses
Greater Long Beach Orange County Chapter- AACN



            August, 2008  Community Hospital of Long Beach                                                Chief Nursing Officer
            2001-Present            St. Joseph Hospital, Orange, CA                                                Nurse Manager
Responsible for the daily operations 24-7 for 150 employees and operations for 52 critical care beds.

  • Lead patient family advisor program through IHI collaborative
  • Lead high risk and critically ill through IHI collaborative
      • Assisted in implementation of critical care rounds through a multidisciplinary approach to care and decreasing length of stay by .25/day
      • Decreased ventilator associated pneumonia through implementation of care bundles by 25% through IHI initiatives. -VAP free for 14 months
      • Lead the Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infection Team with a reduction of central line infection reduction of 50%. Implemented house wide standard of practice for central line care
      • Lead, facilitated and implemented the Diabetic Resource Team. A hospital wide initiative to standardize the education for staff nurses caring for diabetic patients.
      • Assisted in the planning, implementation, and education of the Medical Emergency Team hospital wide.
      • Assisted in the planning, implementation and education for Condition H-family activated medical emergency team hospital wide.
      • Participated in the development and implementation of the staffing model RES-Q house-wide.
      • Co-Chair the Clinical Practice
      • Leader of the Rapid Improvement Event for MD to MD communication through the Emergency Room Value Stream Analysis
      • Circle leader for Sacred Encounter Work
      • Co-Lead the Critical Care Collaborative for all Ministries

            2001            St. Joseph Hospital, Orange, CA            Clinical Coordinator
Responsible for Critical Care Internship Program, including staff development. Direct supervisor to new critical care registered nurses.

      • Coordinated critical care internship through a systematic approach
      • Direct oversight of critical care interns through 12 week orientation

2000-2001            St. Joseph Hospital, Orange, CA            ICU RN
Care for a wide range of critically ill adults, including major vascular surgery and invasive hemodynamic monitoring and management.

2001            Community Hospital of Long Beach            Nurse Educator
Developed and implemented nursing education through focused needs assessment. Coordinated nursing orientation to new hire hospital nursing employees. Assisted in re-licensure and re-opening of hospital.

1993-2000            Long Beach Community Medical Center, Long Beach, CA            ICU Staff/Relief Charge
Developed experience and expertise with a wide range of critically ill medical and surgical patients.  Effectively planned, implemented and evaluated patient care outcomes.

1998-1999            Long Beach Community Medical Center, Long Beach, CA            Med-Surg Educator
Concurrently worked in ICU and the Education Department.  Collaborated with Nursing Management Team to identify educational needs of nurses and patients.  Implemented focused needs assessment to identify education needs for staff. Served on Diabetes Resource Team to evaluated, planned and implemented diabetes education to the diabetic inpatient population.

1991-1993            Long Beach Community Medical Center, Long Beach, CA            RN/Charge RN
Coordinated and provided care to complex medical patients as part of a multidisciplinary team.  Developed expertise in cardiac rhythm interpretation and treatment.


  • Nominated for Dignity Value Award 2005-2008
  • Nominated For Justice Value Award 2008
  • Nominated for Nurse Manager of the year through AACN 2008
  • Recognized for the work in Critical Care in excellence by the Medical Executive Committee, 2003
  • Board member of Greater Long Beach, Orange County Chapter of the AACN, 2002
  • Serve on the Nursing Advisory Board at St. Joseph Hospital from 2000-present
  • Academic Scholarship awarded by LBCMC Auxiliary, September 2000
  • President Student Nurses Association of California, Cypress College, 1990
  • Outstanding Nurse Graduate, 1990

             Condition H: All community Call: Institute for Health Care Improvement. July 8, 2008.

             Early Warning Scoring Systems: Institute for Health Care Improvement. June 17th, 2008 breakout session.

            Engaging Patient and Families in Perfect Care: Hospitals Association of Southern California- Webinar,
            May 14, 2008

MET to the Rescue!!  Co-Author: Overcoming Stagnant Outcomes through Expansion and Education: National Teaching Institute and Critical Care Exposition in Chicago, IL, May 08, 2008

Engaging Patient and Families in Perfect Care: Hospitals Association of Southern California-IHI Town Hall Meeting, Orange CA., April 10, 2008.

             May 2007: Institute for Healthcare Improvement- Patient Family Advisors- Breakout session

October, 1-2, 2007. Institute for Healthcare Improvement-Breakout Session: Engaging Patient and
Family Advisors.

            February 2006: Association of California Nurse Leaders: Medical Emergency Team Poster Board        
            November  2006: Presentation to GLBOC: MET Team

            Author and Co-Presented. Tammy Alvarez, Carmen Ferrell, Dr. Joseph Preston. “Strategy to Reduce
Mortality out of ICU, Support Service for Physician and Staff.” Presented to: “Patient Safety & Quality; The Cutting Edge”, Nurse Leadership Council Conference, Breakout Session.. Los Angeles, California.