Sam Ervin

Sam L. Ervin, now retired, is a visionary leader, social entrepreneur, innovator and executive. For almost 30 years, he creatively worked to improve the present and future lives of aging Americans. His career has been dedicated to pioneering more effective solutions to medical, health and social service needs, and to bringing these solutions to Washington D.C. to inform and enhance national healthcare policy.

Mr. Ervin was a leader in securing six acts of Congress between 1984 and 1999 that implemented, extended and expanded Social HMOs.  He has extensive experience and insight in legislative and regulatory relations. On television, radio, in publications and at national conferences, he has presented thoughtful predictions regarding the aging of America and healthcare trends.

Mr. Ervin started his career as a social worker, holding positions as a planner and manager in various aging programs. At SCAN, he was selected as Executive Director in 1978 and appointed President/CEO in 1983.  In 2000 he was elected Chairman of the Board, in addition to his role as President/CEO.

During his 24 years at SCAN he helped the company grow from 1 to 650 employees, from 0 to 55,000 subscribers and from $270,000 to $500 million in annual revenue. Under Mr. Ervin’s leadership, SCAN grew to be the largest Social HMO as well as the largest senior case management organization in the country by 2002.  He is most proud of the fact that, during his tenure, SCAN helped more than 20,000 frail, at risk seniors to live independently instead of in institutions.

After 24 rewarding years at SCAN, during which he proved the efficacy of the social HMO model, Sam Ervin retired from SCAN. 

Retirement has offered Mr. Ervin an opportunity to pursue several avenues of interest while employing the lessons he learned about organizations, management, governance, healthcare and aging. Since retiring, he has taken time for considerable international travel, serving on volunteer boards and trading in the stock market.  He is also involved in the Tech Coast Angels, a not-for-profit startup investor association. He has continued his passion for studying history and pioneering efforts in technology, healthcare and futurist research. 

Mr. Ervin lives in Long Beach, California, with his wife, Margaret Magnus.