Robert Shannon

The Long Beach City Attorney for 12 years, Robert Shannon has been a constant advocate for improving the quality of life for Long Beach residents.

In the last year alone, City Attorney Shannon’s office has had a 100% success rate in jury trials. Mr. Shannon has assembled a first class office of highly qualified and experienced attorneys that will continue to protect the rights of Long Beach residents.

As City Attorney, Mr. Shannon has kept Long Beach neighborhoods safe for all residents. He vigorously prosecuted code enforcement and nuisance abatement laws, leading to the eviction of over 500 drug offenders.

Mr. Shannon fought for Long Beach residents by recovering on their behalf over 18 million dollars in overcharged gas bills.

Robert Shannon is an advocate of City Ethics reform, leading the way to enacting a Lobbyist Ordinance and creating an Ethics Handbook for City Officials to ensure that all City Officials act within the law and ethical mandates.

As your City Attorney, Mr. Shannon has personally provided sound legal advice to the City Council at over 600 meetings.
Re-elect Robert Shannon Long Beach City Attorney. He will protect the public’s interests!