Pamela Seager
Pam Seager is the founding Executive Director of the Rancho Los Alamitos Foundation. Educated in England, Ms. Seager has more than twenty years senior management experience with non-profit organizations in the United States. She served as Associate and Acting Director of the California Historical Society for eleven years, is a former member of the Governor’s California Heritage Task Force, former Officer of the California Preservation Foundation, and former President of Long Beach Heritage. She has served as a presenter in the area of interpretive planning for historic sites and cultural landscape restoration for the National Trust, National Park Service, the University of Southern California, and Cal Poly Pomona. Ms. Seager has directed many capital improvement projects at the California Historical Society and the Rancho, the latest being the Barns Area Restoration and Education Center project, which involves moving five buildings and constructing a state of the art Education Center. Ms. Seager is the recipient of numerous awards and honors.