Mariana Williams
Working as a pianist/singer, she's traveled the US, Japan and even Casa Blanca. In 2003, she traded the piano keys for alphabet keys and put her life experiences to paper, beginning the fictionalized memoir, Happy New Year, Darling! (nom de plume, Veronica Bennett), and followed up with the sequel, Stars or Stripes 4th of July, which won a 2011 National Indie Excellence Award. Her life experiences as a musician and comedy agent prepared her for writing about Veronica, who is always falling into accidental crime, always on the verge of a scheme, and naturally ready for love. However, Mariana takes on topics more poignant than are generally found in "chic lit." Addiction, authority and boundaries with teens and the challenge of monogamy is woven into each plot. Never preachy, always witty, both novels end with a surprising dénouement. In March of 2010, Mariana was a Moth Grand Slam finalist in the acclaimed story-telling competition held in Los Angeles. Her stories will soon be available: Wince-worthy Tales—True Stuff That Happened To Me. She is the producer of Long Beach Searches for the Greatest Storyteller, now in season three. She lives in So. California with her Oscar-winning, songwriter husband Paul Williams and this mother of two fills the empty nest with two cats. Mariana says, "I wanted to be a ballerina, but writing practice is easier. I can do it on the couch with a bag of chips.”