Laura Doud

Laura Doud is serving as the 10th elected City Auditor for the City of Long Beach. She was elected in April, 2006 and took office on July 17, 2006, just one year ago. She will reflect upon the accomplishments and challenges of her first year in office.

One of the first audits Laura Doud commissioned was an independent audit of the Auditor's Office. Based on the results of this audit she has restructured the staff, operations and policies of the City Auditor's Office and worked to ensure independence and transparency. She has engaged in numerous audits including those for the Long Beach Police Department, the Parks & Recreation Department and a review of City travel policies to name a few.

Additionally, Doud worked to bring an additional $3.8 million annually in new revenue to the City for public safety. Based on a recent audit, she determined that our City has been receiving much less in Oil Production Tax (OPT) than neighboring cities receive. Working with stakeholders and City elected officials, Doud assisted in placing an equitable increase in the OPT on the ballot for the May 2007 Special Election, where it received 70% of the vote.

Born and raised in Long Beach, Laura Doud has a great love for the city. She attended local public schools and graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a degree in Accounting. She is also a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Fraud Examiner and has earned a law degree. Laura Doud has a special passion for this City, the office she holds and the residents of the community she represents. She is committed to ensure that Long Beach receives every dollar it deserves and that tax dollars are spent as effectively as possible.