Jennifer Corbett-Shramo

Jennifer Corbett-Shramo entered the commercial cleaning industry in 1985.  During the next 25 years she built and eventually led one of the largest, most respected, stable and innovative services in Southern California.  Her passion for excellence in an industry that is wrought with stigmas was continuously fueled by her love of the custodial community and her drive to provide clean healthy work places for her clients and employees.  In 1999 when the “green concept” was just entering the vernacular of the cleaning industry Jennifer was pioneering sustainable cleaning for her firm.  Sustainable or green cleaning processes were a welcome operation for her company in terms of environmental impact, employee’s safety and social responsibility.  Those pioneering operational processes drove the firm’s remarkable safety performance, crew stability and profitability when other’s in the industry were failing and losing market share.

In 2008, as an IFMA Trustee, Jennifer served as the champion for the newest benchmark book for the Cleaning Industry entitled – “The Business of Green Cleaning,” by Steve Ashkin and David Holly.  This remarkably successful book is now the guide for Cleaning Green in the built environment.  Jennifer is recognized around the globe for her steadfast contributions to the cleaning industry and has been recognized by the International Facility Management Association on multiple occasions culminating with her Fellowship in 2006.  When serving as an IFMA Foundation Trustee she created the concept and lead a team of authors in the publication of “Cut it Out” as an answer to the challenges faced by Managers of the built environment in these stressed economic times.

Jennifer is CEO and Owner of Clean Solutions Inc. which provides global, sustainable and technical cleaning consulting and is also CEO and Owner of Innovative Cleaning Services a foremost environmentally centric and efficient custodial firm.  She also serves on the Faculty of Diversey’s HHPC Day Cleaning Program, on the Board of Trustees for DCS Global Enterprise, on the IFMA Foundation Executive Committee and is CIMS certified from ISSA.