Doug Krikorian
I grew up in Fowler (pop.:1,732) in the middle of the San Joaquin Valley, 10 miles south of Fresno. I attended Fresno State College, and earned a degree in journalism in 1966. I worked at the Los Angeles Herald Examiner for 22 years, and covered all the mainstream L.A. sports---Dodgers, Angels, Lakers, Clippers, UCLA, USC---and all the big fights throughout the country. I wound up covering 26 Super Bowls and 27 World Series, as well as all the major fights. I also worked at the Long Beach Press-Telegram for 22 years, and provided the same kind of coverage as a columnist. I knew almost every well-known athlete on the Southern California sporting scene, and had a close relationship with people like Tom Lasorda, John Wooden, Wilt Chamberlain, Fred Dryer, Chuck Knox, Jack Youngblood, George Allen, Magic Johnson, Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, Pat Riley, Bill Sharman, Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray Leonard, etc., etc. etc. I've appeared in two major movies, ``Cobb,'' and ``Play It To The Bone.'' and also a major cable TV show, ``Arli$$. I also was a sports talk radio host for almost 13 years with Joe McDonnell, and our McDonnell-Douglas Show was the top-rated sports talk one on the L.A. market most of the time. I also did a morning TV show on Channel 2 with Jim Hill called ``The L.A. Football Company'' for two seasons. I've written a book, ``Between The Bylines. . .The Life, Love and Loss of Los Angeles' Most Colorful Sports Journalist.'' I reside in Naples with my fiancée, Kathy Drum, who swam for the USA in the 1976 Montreal Olympics. My favorite sports are boxing and baseball, although I'm also keen towards football and basketball. I have been to Europe 47 times, and also have been to Syria, Lebanon, and Morocco.