Doug Haubert

Doug Haubert was elected Long Beach City Prosecutor in 2010 and re-elected in 2014.  He is an experienced attorney with over 14 years of experience as a civil and criminal prosecutor. 

Prior to his election as City Prosecutor, he was as a Deputy City Prosecutor for Long Beach, then joined the municipal law firm of Aleshire and Wynder, where he became a partner and served as City Prosecutor and City Attorney to several cities in Southern California on a contract basis. 

Doug has a long history of service in Long Beach.  He served on the Long Beach Ethics Task Force, as well as the City's Airport Advisory Commission and Civil Service Commission.  In 2008, he served as the Co-Chairman of Long Beach Unified School District’s Measure K, the successful measure that secured $1.2 billion in bond funds to modernize our local school buildings.

As City Prosecutor, Doug Haubert partnered with the Long Beach Police Department and the Long Beach School District to develop the Parent Accountability and Chronic Truancy program (P.A.C.T.), to address truancy and juvenile crime; he has secured injunctions against criminal street gangs and increased gang prosecutions; and he has utilized new technologies to improve efficiency in the office, while reducing costs to taxpayers.