Doug Haubert

Doug Haubert became the Long Beach City Prosecutor on July 20, 2010.  Since his election, City Prosecutor Haubert has secured significant gang injunctions and increased prosecution of gang members, created an anti-truancy program described as a model for other cities, and stepped up environmental and quality-of-life crimes prosecution.

He is an experienced attorney with over 12 years of experience as a prosecutor. He is an expert on code enforcement prosecution, and served as a Deputy City Prosecutor for Long Beach before joining the law firm where he served as City Prosecutor to several cities in Southern California on a contract basis.  Mr. Haubert has given training to code enforcement officers, as well as new prosecutors, on code enforcement topics such as search and seizure, due process, abatement actions, civil injunctions, and criminal prosecution.

As a Deputy City Prosecutor, Mr. Haubert took on slumlords and helped initiate the City of Long Beach's first Community Prosecution Program, a neighborhood-oriented effort praised in many press accounts. He has handled several of Long Beach's highest profile cases, including the prosecution of West Long Beach slumlord Henry Crossman, who was sentenced to 14 months in jail for housing and building code violations.

Now in the role as City Prosecutor, he is targeting slum properties as one of his highest priorities. Another priority, combating Long Beach's street gangs has also earned City Prosecutor Haubert praise from law enforcement groups. Recently, he announced a gang injunction directed at Surenos gang members, which includes some of the most violent and notorious gangs in our area.

Mr. Haubert is also knowledgeable on land use issues and regularly advises cities on planning decisions. He is recognized as an expert in election law and California ethics laws, including compliance with the Brown Act, the Public Records Act, and conflict of interest laws. An expert on conflict of interest laws, Mr. Haubert has provided ethics training to over 200 city officials.

Doug Haubert's ties to Long Beach go back over 40 years to when his grandfather, Lt. Col. Harvey Lee Stockwell (ret.), ran the JROTC programs at Long Beach high schools. The JROTC building at Poly High School is named "Stockwell Hall" in his honor.

Doug Haubert’s volunteer work in Long Beach goes back nearly 20 years, on numerous Long Beach commissions and as a PTA/school volunteer. Doug Haubert served on the Long Beach Ethics Task Force, advocating in favor of a lobbyist registration ordinance and against “discretionary funds” used by politicians. He is a past recipient of the Diana P. Scott Award for Outstanding Oral Advocacy, a member of the Traynor Honor Society, and received his law degree "With Distinction" from the University of Pacific, McGeorge School of Law. He lives in Long Beach with his wife and two children.