Dave Kelly

Dave Kelly is the Director of Advanced Media Production at California State University, Long Beach.  Mr. Kelly supervises the work of a talented staff in producing educational television programming for national satellite broadcasting, cable TV distribution, and Internet web casting.  Mr. Kelly is also a television documentary writer and producer. He has written and produced two one-hour documentaries which have aired nationwide on PBS stations.  The most recent one, titled “Long Days Working Hard” was completed in 2009 and details the West Coast mobilization effort during WWII.  A program he wrote and produced about the Pacific Rim trading sphere, titled “Cargoes and Cultures,” appeared on PBS stations in 1996.  Mr. Kelly also worked for three years as a television news reporter for a CBS affiliate in the Midwest.  During that time, he won a Mark of Excellence award from the Society of Professional Journalists for Presidential Campaign coverage in the state of Iowa in 1980.  His Hollywood credentials include a stint as a free-lance screenplay analyst for the David Geffen Film Company in 1984.  Mr. Kelly earned a Master of Arts degree in Cinema/TV Production from the University of Southern California and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Drake University in Broadcast Journalism.