Dave Erickson

Dave Erickson is the founder and chief executive officer of Free Conferencing Corporation, the largest independent, privately owned conference call company in the world with 17 to 20 million users every month. FreeConferenceCall has facilities in several regions throughout the United States and provides service domestically and internationally.

Starting with the simple concept that conferencing calling could be “free” of organizer fees, Mr. Erickson has developed a service that is based on reliability, customer service and innovation.  The basis for a reliable conference call is FreeConferenceCall’s all-digital network providing consistent quality.  In addition, FreeConferenceCall is the only independent provider with 24/7 operators to resolve any customer issues.  Not content to be just another conference call provider, Dave developed a high-definition conference bridge to connect participants on their conference calls.  For this innovation, Mr. Erickson was awarded the “Innovator of the Year Award” from Voice On Net (VON). 

All of FreeConferenceCall’s customer usage has resulted from organic, consumer-driven growth.  A major milestone came during the 2008 Presidential Election when both President Obama and Senator McCain’s campaigns used FreeConferenceCall to organize and communicate with their respective supporters nationwide. 

Prior to creating FreeConferenceCall, Mr. Erickson was the president and founder of ThePacketCenter.com.  Partnering with two engineers from Bell Labs, he successfully developed and marketed a firewall-friendly solution for Microsoft’s “NetMeeting.” 

Mr. Erickson is happy to call Long Beach, California his home.  He is married with three children and enjoys off-road racing, surfing, and fishing.